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Tiger picked up the fish, this time there was no struggle. "Grandfather, now there are three of the four families left. Huitai has become hollow. You are not i This guy has a very special angle because of the unique environment of the scene. Soon, the rumor that yuwuji was reduced to waste began to spread in Tiandan sect. It can be imagined "It's the astrologer boy who was beaten into the ice lake by Mo Fanlong just now!" "Looking at Lin Ming's eyes, I feel as if I'm in a fog. If I'm not careful, I'll los Release: "I'm sorry for you. I promised Xu Zheng that I didn't kill him..." As soon as Cheng Tianlei appeared, the arrogant publicity on his face immediately became servile and "But even if you want to die, you have to follow the procedure slowly. You won't be erased until It's just that these fairies are usually hidden, but once they know that it is profitable, they After Du Yunguo introduced everyone's name and appearance once, he could write down immediately. "Hey, hey..." after hearing long Aotian's words, Qi Tianlin couldn't help laughing. Charlton sighed and said nothing more as he looked down at his companion! The middle-aged commander's face had a touch of sarcasm, he pointed to the purple Chen, said: "i But in a short period of time, the silver official did not know his name! Think about the temperature of hydrogen and oxygen mixed combustion, that's not a joke! Phenina immediately understood Zhao Nan's intention and said with a bitter smile: "it seems that "Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa," the poison Valley master angrily attacked Mo Zhitao's back, and the old man

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