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Tang Yu took out his mobile phone and called Jiang Feifei But the three of them also believe that Jinghai high school has another Tang Yu. "I don't know if you will go together or you will do it alone?" "Ha ha, here, I seem to have improved my attainments in Dan Dao." Said, Jiangshan suddenly face a heavy: "but... This is my only way to kill it, there is something I In addition, the Zheng family also had a seven to the sky eight level, the rest of those people are "I can't teach you anything else for the time being. I'll teach you how to be angry. Althoug After returning to Wenjian villa that night, he had been recovering in the attic of Buchan palace. As the amber ball develops, it slowly becomes fully synchronized with the pain bus. It's too far away from my family's ancestral gate, so I can't send the herald. Fortunate "Zimie Fenglei? Is it really the legend left by Lei Dadi?" Zhou Shilei screamed again, and the wound was heavily trampled by Chu Jun GUI. Then the sea demon again hands together, directly discards the guardian beast, and then faces Qingsh Seeing that the competition was won or lost, Gu qiusong joked to Chen Haoran. "Well, how can this be possible? As the world knows, the kingdom of Spain is the spokesman of the Ch Long Aotian said, and his tone was full of emotion. Once upon a time, when long Aotian knew the news Is melancholy, behind the sudden spread of a few whistles. His flying sword has been sacrificed, and he will directly kill the hateful boy in the South China S

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