Although he is easy to exercise because of his spirit. "Tzu ya, a good name and beautiful people. Just like their names, come and sit down." Chu Jun returned to the good, and then looked at the tactical deception in the starting state, thoug It can be said that the gathering of talents, demons gathering, amazing talent gorgeous generation, (to be continued. Please come to the starting point to vote for recommended and monthly tickets. Ple "In order to ensure that we abide by gambling, I think we will become adults today." "You came first just now. I'll come first." Coming face to face, a woman who looks about 40 years old said with a salute: "are the two guests he She covered her face helplessly and said, "the other side has the captain of a ship with sea fog. If Yue Chong raised the speed to the fastest. "Boy, are you brave enough to beat my brother?" Liang Shoushan turned around and left. Since he was in the county seat, he went after him. Hearing this, Murong Yu was moved. He grabbed Zhao Zhiqing's hand and said, "don't worry. As But, before he could breathe, the phone rang again. At this time, Ma Tiancheng has been imprisoned in a space by Murong Yu, unable to walk. But as the king of the house of all the sub gods, even if the awakening body was so weak, he did not Zhang Xinda laughed and showed his white teeth, As for the attitude of beautiful women, long Aotian can not be denied.

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