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Quietly walking behind Chen Jiu, Chen Da actually wants to exercise and test Chen Jiu. Is he really "Well, if my dad knew I was being bullied by you, he would shoot you with a machine gun!" This will make the martial arts civilization of the universe brilliant to an incredible degree. A roll of golden light will wrap all the blood light of the old man's explosion. He came to the door of the study and asked him to come in again. "I'm sorry, we have encountered some small problems when we go out this time. The medicine has n Many people argued that Tianfu Shoulei should be said to have fallen into the dust. Although Wang xu Ling Shuanger is a soul refiner. Naturally, you can see the power of Mufeng's soul breaking seal Seeing Zhen Jie blowing her long wet hair in the living room and wearing only a thin cashmere sweate "Of course, I made the idea! But now it has been implemented. Why not go to Luohe River instead of m Yue Chong walked into the Yues' mansion. In the courtyard of the house, there were cheers and ch Lin Tongyu was surprised and said, "this is the tender meat of... Crystal fire beast? Did you kill c Lily took the opportunity to say, "well, you're good at it anyway... I'd better take the spr The problem is that the legendary realm of Shenyin could not be touched by Zhou Dufu, let alone him? He pretended to be confused, but in fact he implied that his daughter would introduce the family sit Taurus hesitated for a moment, and finally said, "well, an acquaintance I know has a disease. Can yo After an instant, Aozhou's body took off involuntarily, and then fell again from the high altitu Unless his sword spirit strength can reach three or more levels, but he is just a character who can

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