The emperor's sons and daughters were not there It's not just iron man who's been shocked, the justice alliance. They didn't even pay attention to the other disciples until they lost their eyes. A shock force directly affected Ding Hao's mind. They forget that every time Hu Hao fights, he wins more with less! "Xianqin destroys the ultimate chaos attack!" "Motherfucker, what are you talking about? I'm very strong!" Su Hao himself did not know how many dark creatures he had lost? Tang Yuan took off Wang tiehammer's hand and took a breath, Chen Jiu didn't refute at this time. After chatting with Caidie, they were silent and ready to g You can check it on our prestige platform. In this place, even if it is the master who meets the peak of the Ninth Heaven, Yan lie has confiden The space is supported by building columns composed of micro robots, and the walls are covered with If he takes a disciple, there will only be one reason, that is, this disciple may be helpful to his The tree species with dozens of young leaves are quietly suspended in the Zifu sea, emitting a chaot "Yes, that... She attacked me and was killed by me." The next is naturally a painful congratulation. Of course, there are also some words of solicitation Lu Jing said with a smile: "you and Tang Tong's matter, Yu minister there you need to say a bit

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