The third big disturbance of the central guard regiment! But between them, after all, there is no emotion, and now he is not so anxious to enhance the streng "One must be left to escape. No, why run? I can kill Downton." PS: second, please send me a monthly ticket "In any case, ye Tianchen has been helpful to us. We should try our best to save him!" They are helping Jiang naixiong and Jiang Yuan to denounce director Zhang together! After hearing this, Du Xinghe was shocked. Especially in this mechanized warfare, many old generals simply can't adapt to the current comba Unexpectedly, Asakawa Youxiang grabbed Phelan's arm and said, "I've been to the police stati So, you can rest assured that you can make comments. However, you should start from the actual situa Let the National Security Bureau take the three heads back, Tang Zheng began to prepare to investiga "Come on, come to my house. I think I have great value for you." The heaven and earth platform is absolutely the most important part of it. In the governor's house in Hexi, Feng yuanpo is frowning at this time, and Feng Tianxiao is stan LV Qin thinks Du Xinghe has been stimulated, so she has to go against it and quickly denies it. But to his surprise, all the people in the room stood up and saluted him. All the generals were dign The rest of the hearse, too, lamented nothing, but they didn't make a sound. They were afraid th He didn't want to kill people, but he wanted to abolish Jiang Bing's sacrificial skills.

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